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Artist Statement:

As a multi genre composer, I draw my inspiration from the deep wells of romanticism, an era characterized by its intense emotions, rich palette
of timbres, and profound narratives. My artistic
creation is a homage to this bygone era, coupled
with an unwavering desire to carry its timeless
ideals into the here and now. 

Press Text:

Mathias Rehfeldt: A Bridge Builder of Musical Worlds

Mathias Rehfeldt is a multi genre composer and organist from Munich, known for his diverse musical contributions ranging from award-winning film soundtracks to classical compositions. His body of work includes a broad spectrum of choral, orchestral, organ, and chamber music, which has earned him national and international recognition.
Rehfeldt has also made a name for himself as an organist, especially through his innovative silent film improvisations that have taken him to the USA, Canada, and across Central Europe. His "Dark Matter Project," which fuses the church organ with synthesizers, showcases his mission to transcend boundaries and explore unexpected musical realms.
In his artistic endeavors, Rehfeldt draws inspiration from Romanticism, yet he aims to transpose these influences into a contemporary context. He sees himself as a mediator between the musical past and present, with the goal of incorporating the emotional depth and sonic diversity of Romanticism into modern compositions.

I see myself as a bridge builder between musical worlds
– between the passionate depth of the past and the dynamic diversity of the present.

Mathias Rehfeldt



Mathias Rehfeldt has won 27 notable awards. 

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